Get the Most Out of Your Chase Sapphire Reserve Card

One of our goals at Sift is to help consumers get the biggest bang for their buck. Surprising to some, which credit card(s) you choose can have a large impact on how far your money goes and how much money you can get back. A lot of that is based on how you use your credit card, from travel and dining out to clothing and groceries. We’ll be taking a look at popular credit cards and which kind of spending they serve best, starting with the Chase Sapphire Reserve card.Read More »

What is Purchase Protection?

Ever have a brand-new purchase break or stolen? It’s not a good feeling, and you might end up feeling cheated. Many products don’t come with insurance unless it’s offered at an additional cost. Luckily, credit card companies offer something known as purchase protection, which may help you get reimbursed for some or all of the value of the stolen or damaged goods purchased with your credit card.

Curious to find out more? Let’s take a look at how purchase protection programs work and how using Sift could help take the sting out of stolen or damaged goods. Read More »

Extended Warranty Protection Explained

Like to shop often? Whether you’re buying a new cordless drill or that new plasma screen television, you may hear a cashier ask you about purchasing an extended warranty. Before you consider buying the warranty, you may want to reconsider because your credit card may already have something called “extended warranty protection” built into it.

Curious to find out more? Let’s take a look at how your credit card’s extended warranty protection works.Read More »

What is Price Protection?

Ever buy an item, only to find out it drastically dropped in price the next week?  If only you had waited…

If you’ve ever wondered if there was a way to make up the difference, you may be in luck. By shopping at certain retailers and/or using a credit card that has a perk called price protection, you may be entitled to a reimbursement within a specified period of time.

Let’s take a look at how price protection works and if you can get those discounts!Read More »

Return Protection – What it is and How to Take Advantage of the Perk

So you bought something, changed your mind, and the retailer’s return acceptance window has come and gone. Could your item still be eligible for a refund?

Luckily, you may not have to worry. If you’ve made the purchase with a credit card that has a “return protection” perk, you might get your money back after all!

Most people don’t know this is possible, so we’re going to take a look at how return protection works.Read More »